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Taken from email - Our guests are raving. Hopefully soon we will be a feature on Carolina Traveler. Thanks PJ - Doc.


Good evening! How's my front porch?

I just thought you'd like to see the story idea I submitted to the "Carolina Traveler" on WCNC (below). It's a NC travelogue program in which Mike Redding, the host, travels all over NC and features neat places and people. I'm hoping he'll include you and the Tavern on an upcoming episode.

Talk to you soon. Save us a place during fireplace season!

P. J. Frick
Indian Trail, NC

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To: carolina traveler@wcnc.com
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2006 9:57 PM
Subject: Story Idea: What's Up, Doc?


I am writing to let you know of our recent experiences in wonderful West Jefferson, NC. I am from Charlotte and have traveled at least twice a year to our mountains since I was a child. Yet I only recently discovered West Jefferson, more specifically the Ashe County Cheese Factory and the Buffalo Tavern. You may have already been there in your Carolina travels. Heck, you've probably already even been to the Ashe County Cheese Factory, but I'd really like to see you do a plug for this town and the Buffalo Tavern.

The Tavern has only recently re-opened under new ownership, and we left with only glowing memories. The new owner is a retired school administrator who spent the last 30+ years in Florida. His name is Brian "Doc" Adams, so dubbed because of his E.D.D degree and experience as an educator. He's also a Yankee. Yes, there's a shocker, I know. Go ahead....Gasp!...and roll your eyes. Originally from Long Island, Doc has decided to spend his retirement as an innkeeper, and from what we saw, he's got the knack of southern hospitality. He even makes tasty sweet tea (for a Yank-eh). And he will openly share his innkeeper experiences (and inexperience) and with great candor and self-effacing humor. He's a wonderful character, who somehow fits right in to West Jefferson, despite being a greenhorn to the area.

And the food....Don't even get me 'stawt-ed'! For someone who's never cooked before, he will feed you until you can't stand up! Good thing there's a generous front porch that looks up at a towering mountain! You can just roll yourself out there and deflate back to your normal size. His breakfasts are bottomless - huge slabs of peach-stuffed French toast on homemade bread, apple slices, banana bread, fruit smoothies, cheese, homemade biscuits, sausage, and even dessert - a chocolate chip cake with peaches and strawberries on the side. He sent the whole cake home with us because we couldn't eat any of it. And that was just ONE morning....He also makes some decadent brownies and cookies, which are available any time you want a light snack.

Anyway, I hope you'll consider casting your cameras on Doc and his lovely "new" inn. It's a wonderful place, and we'd really like to see his retirement "adv-inn-ture" blossom. I highly recommend visiting when he has the dining room fireplace crackling briskly. We plan to!

Give him a call at: 877-615-9678. You'll probably find him rocking on his grand front porch, pondering his plans for the place. Here's a link to the web site, too: http://www.buffalotavern.com/.

Thank you for your kind consideration of our story idea. We love the "Carolina Traveler"! Between that and "Our State" magazine, I learn something new about my home state every time I tune in or turn a page!

Pamela "P.J." Frick
Indian Trail, NC

Buffalo Tavern would not be the same without the "innkeeper." You truly make this place. Thank you for sharing this special place and your hospitality with us. The food was wonderful and so was our cloud bed.

PS. Don't stop following your heart or making that banana bread.
- Phillip and Margie
What a wonderful place! We had a great time and felt so welcome. The bed was a dream - can't wait to come back.
-Terry and Patti
Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality, incredible food and overall beautiful weekend. We'll be back.
- Bob and Susan
What wonderful hospitably in a wonderful setting. I look forward to more trips here and enjoyed the conversation and food.
- Lucy and Mark
Thank you Doc, for sharing your lovely inn with us. We absolutely LOVE it here. We're already planning our next trip. Your gracious hospitality, generous table and front porch make the Tavern the perfect, peaceful getaway - just what we were looking for.We wish you the best in you "adv-inn-ture!"
- PJ and David
We had such an amazing time here - it's a wonderful place to escape and relax!
- Chris and Melody
You are the best! Thanks for making this weekend so relaxing and special for me. You defiantly have the gift of hospitality. Can't wait till next time
.- Michelle
Doc - What can I say? This weekend has been wonderful and you made it that way. Food was outstanding, conversation funny and up lifting.
- Jack and Gayle
Good Doctor,
This was our first B and B experience and you have set the bar very high. We will be back.
- Mike and Beth
Thank you for an extraordinary stay. YOu are a most gracious host. We will be back.
- Mike and Rose

Doc -

Thank you for a wonderful weekend!  You are an amazing host and we fell in love with your B & B this weekend!  It was one of the most relaxing stays we've had in a very long time.   It is nestled in a beautiful part of NC very much off the beaten path.

Doc, we really enjoyed meeting and getting to know you as well. You can count on us to come back in the near future for another stay at Buffalo Tavern! 

I know I told you we wouldn't tell anyone about your B & B but we've already told two of our neighbors! 

Thanks again for your hospitality.  We hope to see you again soon!

Diana and Mike

Buffalo Tavern / 958 West Buffalo Rd., West Jefferson, NC 28694 / TF. (877) 615-9678 / Open Year Round


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